MATLAB® Live Scripts (mlx files)

Live Script is a new interactive document format for MATLAB® in which live formulas, graphics and general output can be dynamically embedded into a formatted document.

You will need MATLAB® version R2016b or later for Live Scripts to work. Alternatively, download the m files below.

Click here to download a zip file with live scripts for all chapters.

These documents will allow you to generate all figures and perform many of the calculations that you find in the book.

They also introduces various MATLAB® commands and can be used as a supplement material to support students in their homework problems.

You can preview the contents of the live scripts for each chapter on the following static pages which were automatically generated by the MATLAB® Live Editor:

  1. Introduction
  2. Dynamic Systems
  3. Transfer-Function Models
  4. Feedback Analysis
  5. State-Space Models and Linearization
  6. Controller Design
  7. Frequency Domain
  8. Performance and Robustness

MATLAB® scripts (m files)

Click here to download a zip file with traditional MATLAB® scripts for all chapters.